Telecommunication Sciences

Dear Colleagues

I have the honor to present you a new international scientific journal in the field of information and telecommunication technologies. These technologies are rapidly developing throughout the world, thereby determining the scientific and technical basis for the formation of the modern information society. In the last decade, information technology research and development of telecommunication systems actively carried out in all developed countries. Information on the results obtained in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries is reflected in particular in the works carried out in Ukraine twenty annual international scientific conference "Microwave and telecommunication technology" known as the conference "CriMiCo". In recent years the work of these conferences in the world indexed bibliography and a summary based on Scopus. Program Committee "CriMiCo" made the decision about the advisability of establishing this journal, which in 2010 begins to be issued by the Institute of telecommunication systems of the National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute". Being members of the Editorial Board agreed to scientists from the U.S., Germany, Israel, Russia, Belarus, Latvia, Serbia and Ukraine. We are grateful to these scientists and their help will publish articles that reflect new scientific results in information and telecommunication technologies.
I invite to actively cooperate with the new journal scientists from different countries and I hope together to ensure a high scientific level of the journal so that the publications cited therein specialists, and the journal eventually had a high impact factors.

​Best regards,
Chief Editor,
Academician of National
Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Honorary Member of Institute of Electronics and
Electrical Engineering of the United States
Co-Chair of the Program Committee of
the internationsl conferences 'CriMiCo'

M. Ye. Ilchenko