Dmytro S. Pukhkaiev, Oleksii Oleksenko, Tetiana M. Kot, Larysa S. Globa Alexander Schill, Alexander Schill

Web Service Composition (WSC) is a process that helps to save much programming and cost effort by reusing existing com
ponents – web services. This process consists of two major stages – Web Service Discovery and Selection (WSD, WSS). This paper presents an overview of current state-of-the-art WSD and WSS methods. It also provides an analysis and highlighting of major problems like lack of support of the syntactical description in fuzzy logic algorithms in WSD and complex approach shortage in WSS problem. Moreover WSC approach and SLA-Aware WSC System are presented.

Publication year: 2014
Issue: 1
UDC: 621.93
P. 42—47 Fig. 1. Tabl. 2. Ref.: 17.

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