The mathematical modeling of amplitude and phase distribution of the electromagnetic fields at the aperture of the receiving antenna system has been performed. The possibility of frequency reuse in radio relay link under condition when two transmitters operate simultaneously on the same frequency and with same polarization is substantially investigated by using the phenomenon of phase front curvature of electromagnetic wave. An effective approach to optimal spatial processing of two radio signals from two transmitters at the receiving side of radio relay link is developed. The mathematical expressions allowing the theoretical analysis of spatial processing of radio relay link signals are obtained. The results of theoretical investigations are extensively discussed. The references for practical application of obtained results at the development of microwave link equipment are given.

Рік видання: 2012
Номер: 1
УДК: 621.396.43
С. 5—13. Іл. 13. табл. 0. Бібліогр.: 8 назв.

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