Data crashes can cause unpredictable and even hard-out effects for an enterprise or authority. Backup strategies as antidote unify a complex of organizational and technical measures that are necessary for data restoring, processing and transfer as well as for data security and defense against its loss, crash and tampering. High-performance modern Internet allows delivery of backup functions and is complemented by attractive (mobile) services with a Quality of Service comparable to that in Local Area Networks. One of the most efficient backup strategies acts the delegation of this functionality to an external provider, an online or Cloud Storage system. This article argues for a consideration of intelligently distributed backup over multiple storage providers in addition to the use of local resources. Some examples of Cloud Computing deployment in the USA, the European
Union as well as in Ukraine and the Russian Federation are introduced to identify the benefits and challenges of distributed backup with Cloud Storage.

Рік видання: 2012
Номер: 2
УДК: 621.39
C. 30—38. Iл. 8. Табл. 6. Бібліогр.: 16 назв.

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