Kononenko V. M. , Kravchuk S. O., Ivlev Yu. V. ,Kononenko L. A.

Національний технічний університет України “КПІ”, Київ, Україна

In the paper a multilevel intellectual approach to HTTP-requests legitimacy validation is proposed. The approach is devised for HTTP-flood DDoS-attacks detection and prevention in telecommunication networks with a web-server as the target attack object. The analysis of HTTP-requests attributes and their signatures is provided. On the basis of the analysis the attributes are separated into several levels that allow us to design a flow analyzer in a form of the multilevel block. Due to a multilevel structure of the flow analyzer a minimization of resources, spent for a request handling, is achieved.

Рік видання: 2013
Номер: 1
УДК: 621.391
С. 27—32. Іл. 5. табл. 3. Бібліогр.: 11 назв.

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